Introduction to Western Philosophy Notes

From the Colorado Trail

01-What is Philosophy?
02-The Presocratics: Thales and the Milesians
03-The Presocratics: Parmenides
04- Socrates
05- the Republic Book I
06- the Republic Book II
07- the Republic Book III
08- the Republic Book IV
09- the Republic Books V and VI
10- the Republic Book VII
11- An Overview of Books VIII and IX
12- the Republic Book VIII
13- the Republic Book IX
14- the Republic Book X
15- Aristotle
16- Descartes- Meditation I
17- Descartes- Meditation II
18- Descartes- Meditation III- part 1
19- Descartes- Meditation III- part 2
20- Descartes- Meditation IV
21- Descartes- Meditation V
22- Descartes- Meditation VI
23- British Empiricism
24- Kant, Hegel, and Marx
25- Existentialism and Absurdism

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